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Who do I contact for assistance with queries relating to timetables and class registration?

These contacts are for problems related to timetables and class registration only, such as: when all available classes for a topic are full; ...

I am considering withdrawing from my course. What do I do?

The decision to withdraw from study is a significant one. You may find your situation changes and you are not able to continue as planned. It is wort...

Can I take time off from study and how do I apply?

Domestic students If you are a continuing undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student who is not returning to study in the current year, but wis...

How do I replace my student ID card?

To replace a lost or stolen card, you will need to pay $10 via Flinders Online Payments and choose to have your card posted to you or to collect it fr...

How do I request my student ID card?

New studentsOnce you have completed your enrolment, you can organise your Student ID card online by selecting ‘Order My ID Card’ under 'My Systems' on...

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Featured Articles
How do I enrol at Flinders University?

Once you have received an offer to study at Flinders University (and have responded to the offer as per the instructions in the email from SATAC)you c...

What is the latest news and advice regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

For the most up-to-date advice from Flinders University regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please see visit the Coronavirus webpage.

How can I access support at Flinders?

At Flinders, we want you to be successful in your studies and to feel supported during your time at University. We know that sometimes the pressures o...

How do I find out what textbooks I need?

You can find out what textbooks you need using the textbook search tool. You can also find out: during sessions held in orientation week ...

I received a text message from 0438 065 966. Is this an official message from Flinders?

Yes. The Flinders University number for text messages is 0438 065 966. We recommend you save this in your phone. Also, make sure your details are corr...

How do I apply for credit?

Details of how to apply for credit transfer are available from the University's Credit Transfer page.