New students
If you’re a new student, you can organise your Student ID card online by selecting ‘Order My ID Card’ from your Flinders (Okta) dashboard, after you have completed your enrolment. If you still need to enrol visit MyFlinders for enrolment information and how-to videos. 

You will need your student ID card to complete important university tasks such as borrowing books from the library, sitting exams, and printing. You will also need it to receive student concessions on public transport and from businesses (including those on campus) and for attendance at student events.

Continuing students
If you’re a continuing student, you will use the same ID card you received when you first started at Flinders. To update your ID card, complete your enrolment for the semester or entire academic year, and visit one of the locations below for our staff to check your enrolment and extend your ID card.

Visit the Student ID card web page for more information.

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