A 'low completion rate' is when you have a fail rate of more than 50 per cent of the topics you have attempted, after you have attempted eight or more topics in a bachelor level or higher course (or four or more units in a higher education course lower than a bachelor course).
From 2022, if you have a low completion rate, you can discuss the following options with us:

  • continue your course by paying your fees upfront. If you pay your fees upfront and increase your completion rate to 50 per cent or higher, you will be eligible for Commonwealth assistance for your course again.
  • transfer to a new course at the same or a different provider. If you change to a new course, your previous completion rate will not carry over and you will be able to access Commonwealth assistance for your new course.
  • apply to your provider for consideration for one or more of your failed topics. For your provider to not count topics you have failed when calculating your completion rate, you need to prove that ‘special circumstances’ applied to you while you were studying those topics.

The University has support processes in place to monitor your academic progress, which includes the ‘low completion rate’ requirements.