If you meet the eligibility criteria set out above, you must:

  •  Prepare a research outline

This is a contextual statement of approximately two pages outlining your thesis and a showing a plan of which publications you intend to include in the body of your work e.g. journal article references and abstracts, and why.

  • Prepare a research experience statement

In a maximum of two pages, summarise your:

    • Name and contact details eg skype/ email/ phone
    • University qualifications
    • Relevant research employment experience
  • Identify a supervisor

Applicants are likely to be more successful in attracting a supervisor if the area of research falls within a supervisor’s area of interest.

To identify a prospective supervisor, enter key words in the search box to describe your research area.

Review the generated list of academic staff.

Check a staff member’s ‘Research’ and ‘HDR supervision’ tab to confirm your match. Review any of their publications etc. to see if they match your field of interest.

Contact them, ready to provide your prepared research outline and research statement

After an academic staff member has agreed to supervise your PhD by Prior Published Work, review the How to Apply website to ensure you have everything you need to lodge your online application to study.


Please find the following link to tuition fees for International students. The cost for the PhD by Prior Published Work is the same as the cost for a regular PhD for 1 year full-time. The cost of PhD depends on the fee grouping /CRICOS.
If you require further information after viewing the tuition fee information, please contact Student Finance and Scholarships

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