Many publishers list what you can do under a rights retained by the author section of the publishing agreement. If you don’t have a copy of the agreement, check the publisher or journal website for this information (look for an author or Open Access section). If you are unsure, or need assistance, you can contact the Copyright librarian on 8201 3704 or email with a list of citations and they will be able to check the copyright. If you need to seek permission for use from the publisher, students will have to do this themselves, and can use the template contained in the Copyright Digital Thesis Submission guide. Please note, this should be done early because publishers’ are not always prompt in their replies.

For further information about copyright considerations and your PhD, including the use of other 3rd party material e.g. images/tables, or preparing a second version of your thesis for Open Access if permission is not obtained, please refer to the Copyright Digital Thesis Submission guide.