Examiners may recommend that you make minor (B) or major amendments (C) to your HDR thesis.  Amending your thesis is part of the HDR examination procedure and is an important aspect of the HDR journey and learning process.

You must remember that HDR examiners are international experts in their field and their academic expertise and experience must be respected.  The examiners recommendations must form the basis of the amendments to your final thesis.  If the examiners do not agree on some of the amendments or you have an academic argument for not making the requested changes then you must at a minimum, address the examiners comments.  You are required to detail your amendments and address the examiners recommendations on the Minor/Major Amendments Form.

You are expected to complete your minor or major amendments within 1- 2 months. 

Your changes and form will need to be approved by your supervisor, College HDR Coordinator and the Dean of Graduate Research.