Returning from approved leave

When you apply for leave from study you indicate an end date for your absence. Once this date passes your student status will be reset to ‘admitted’ and you’ll receive information about enrolling towards the end of the year (November/December) inviting you to register in classes for the next years’ topics.

If you don’t extend the duration of your leave or enrol for the following academic year your student status will be set to ‘AWOL’ (absent without leave). Once you are AWOL you will need to follow a different process for returning to study.

Absent without leave (AWOL)

If you are a domestic student who has been absent from your course without applying for approved leave you can only be directly readmitted by the University if you have a recorded enrolment load (i.e. if you left after the census date and are required to pay fees, HECS or student contributions) for that course. If you left before the census date, please contact us to discuss your options. You may need to reapply to SATAC if taking leave means you have exceeded (or will exceed) the time allowed for completion of your course. If your course has a time limit for completion this will be outlined in the Course Rule.

To be readmitted into your course, visit Ask Flinders and submit an online support request via the Request Support button. Make sure to include the name of the course(s) you want to readmit into. Confirmation that you are approved to return to study may be sought from the relevant College. We will notify you via your University email account regarding the success of your application.

If your application is accepted, your approval for readmission will be recorded on the Student System. Your course topics will appear in the Student System within three working days of your readmittance being approved.

You must seek course advice regarding your enrolment prior to re-enrolling. Details of Course Coordinators/contacts can be found via the Course advice details web page.

If you are a Commonwealth supported student, you must submit a Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) before enrolling.

Detailed instructions for requesting Commonwealth assistance and enrolling are published on our Enrolment website.

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