If you don't pay your student contribution amount or tuition fees by the payment due date, you will incur an outstanding debt.

Note: International students - It is the University's policy and part of your visa conditions that your tuition fees are paid by the due date. If you fail to pay your fees by the due date your enrolment will be cancelled and the Department of Home Affairs notified. For further immigration advice please refer to the Home Affairs website, and further information about the ESOS Act is available at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment's ESOS legislative framework website.

Outstanding debts include overdue:

  • student contributions, where a HECS-HELP loan is not applicable;
  • domestic tuition fees, where a FEE-HELP loan is not applicable;
  • international tuition fees;
  • instalment plan payments, where applicable;
  • Student Service and Amenities Fees;
  • student loan payments;
  • Flinders Living fees and charges; and
  • library charges and fines.

An outstanding debt to the University will affect your:

  • enrolment;
  • library borrowing;
  • ability to obtain an academic transcript;
  • results; and
  • conferral of degree/diploma or award of certificate.

Your details may also be referred to the University's debt collection agency to initiate debt recovery action (including legal action, if appropriate), where you have an outstanding debt and:

  • you do not respond to University requests for payment; or
  • you do not comply with agreed repayment arrangements.

For further information, please refer to the University's Students with Outstanding Debt Policy.

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