You are entitled to concession (discounted) travel on Adelaide’s metropolitan buses and trains if you are enrolled in a full-time study load. However, you must be able to present your proof of concession—your up-to-date student ID card (which is provided to you once you’ve enrolled)—at the request of public transport staff or you risk being fined.

When purchasing public transport Metrocards or Metrotickets ensure you indicate that you are a tertiary student, as different concessions apply to primary and secondary school students, and again, you’ll face substantial penalties if caught using the wrong pass.

Refer to the student ID card web page for more information about student ID cards and how to obtain an enrolment sticker if you are a continuing student.

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits and you have a dependent spouse, they may also be eligible for discounted public transport. Make your application for transport concession through Families SA.
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