There is an array of food options at Flinders University, from Wholefoods store, gourmet burgers and Vietnamese dishes to simple delights like hot chips and quality coffee, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

At the Bedford Park campus the main food outlets are located in Flinders Laneway, with other cafés (One Byte, McHugh’s) and a coffee cart spread across the north and south ridges. In the Sturt precinct there’s Decafé and a range of mobile food vans.

At Tonsley’s Town Square, under the Main Assembly Building (MAB) roof, you’ll find a convenience store, coffee, snacks, sushi and café food on offer.

At Victoria Square there are many nearby cafés and food markets that provide lots of choice.

Newly developed student areas at the Bedford campus will also provide kitchen facilities similar to those at Victoria Square and Tonsley, for students who prefer to bring food from home. Facilities will include microwaves and taps dispensing cold and hot water.