The University expects students to be available to undertake their examinations during the designated exam periods.

If you have been scheduled an on campus examination, it is an expectation that you will sit the examination on campus at the location indicated in your personal examination timetable, or as indicated by your Topic Coordinator.

If unforeseen circumstances or medical/compassionate reasons prevent you from undertaking or completing your examination, you may be eligible for a deferred assessment. Deferred assessment applications based on medical or compassionate reasons require supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate) from a medical practitioner or health professional. Contact your medical practitioner or health professional to make an appointment or alternatively phone the University’s Health, Counselling and Disability Service to make an appointment.

Deferred Assessment Application forms must be submitted, along with any supporting documentation, to your College office within three working days of your examination date.

For further information, contact Flinders Connect.