Enrolment in topics may be accepted after the last day to enrol (but prior to the census date) if special approval is obtained.  If you are seeking enrolment after the last day to enrol has passed, you will need to submit an online support request, via Ask Flinders, requesting late enrolment in the topic.  If you have already received written approval from the Topic Coordinator for late enrolment, please attach this to your Ask Flinders request.

Once all relevant information is provided, your request will be assessed and you will be notified of the outcome. 

If approved, enrolment will be actioned on your behalf, however it is your responsibility to contact the relevant College office to be registered in topic activities (lectures, tutorials, workshops).

Note: Enrolments can not be processed after the census date. The University must comply with Commonwealth Government legislation in regard to census dates and cannot make special provisions for students who have failed to enrol in time.

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