You may be able to claim exemption from studying COMS1001 Academic and Professional Communication if you meet one of the following criteria on your admittance to a Flinders University degree:

an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 70 or above (excluding bonus points);

  • a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 or above;
  • a Mature Age Entry score of 135 or above (Rank 50);
  • a TAFE Certificate IV or above; or
  • an overall academic IELTS band score of 6.5 or above.

If you meet one of the above criteria, you can submit an online request via Ask Flinders to have COMS1001 Academic and Professional Communication replaced with a different topic on your study plan

While it is highly recommended that all commencing students complete this core topic, it may be replaced with an alternative topic provided you meet the eligibility criteria and your course rule allows for a replacement topic.

Please see your course rule for further information about the eligibility requirements. Note: Students in some courses must complete COMS1001 as per the course rule, some combined programs do not allow enrolment in to COMS1001 due to the study plan structure. 


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