You are eligible for a Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) card which allows you variations to standard test and examination conditions, if at the time of commencement, you meet the following criteria:

  • were born outside of Australia and are from a non-English speaking country AND
  • have lived in Australia or another English-speaking country (e.g. New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the USA) for less than ten years previously AND
  • speak a language other than English at home.

Your eligibility will be assessed at the time you commence your course. To ensure you are considered for a NESB card please ensure you provide your country of birth, the language you speak at home and the date you entered Australia in the Student System (under the ‘My Details’ tab). You can access the Student System through Okta. If you require assistance please contact Flinders Connect.

Whilst NESB status is automatically determined based upon the above eligibility criteria, there may be some cases where students can be granted a NESB card due to special circumstances. Please visit the exam webpage for further information about special conditions.

The following variations to test and examination procedures are available to NESB card holders:

  • Extra time of ten minutes per hour of the test or examination; and
  • The use of an English language dictionary*, except where the Topic Coordinator determines that the nature of the examination in a topic may make the use of a dictionary inappropriate. (*Electronic, specialised, technical, scientific, and notated dictionaries are not permitted unless approved by the Topic Coordinator.)

Eligible students will automatically be sent an electronic NESB card by email shortly after Semester 1 or Semester 2 census dates. You may be asked to provide this to your Topic Coordinator for each test/examination to be eligible for extra time and the use of an English language dictionary. Without a valid NESB card, you will not be granted these variations.

If you don't receive your NESB card shortly after semester census dates; and you believe you are eligible for a NESB card, ensure your details in the Student System are correct, and submit an Ask Flinders request. If the details you have registered in the Student System are verified as correct, a card will be generated and emailed to you.

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