The student services and amenities fee is a compulsory charge which supports services of a non-academic nature at Flinders University.  Student consultation takes place when considering how the income will be used to enhance these services and amenities.

Flinders University structured its student services and amenities fee in a way that is fairest for all students.  Fees are charged in proportion to enrolment and will be capped at a maximum rate in any calendar year.

To check how much you will have to pay, refer to the SSAF schedule.

We also recognise that students studying by external or distance mode have reduced access to services and reflect this in the fee they are charged.

Australian citizens and students holding a permanent humanitarian visa are eligible to apply for a SA-HELP (Services and Amenities-HELP) loan to defer payment of SSAF. SA-HELP operates in a similar way to HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP with the payment of deferred fees required to commence once your income reaches the Australian Government's minimum threshold. You can apply for SA-HELP via the Student System, under the "My Commonwealth Assistance" tab. 

Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are not eligible for SA-HELP and must pay their SSAF upfront by the due date. Some New Zealand citizens who have been long-term residents of Australia since childhood and meet particular eligibility criteria (see the Study Assist website for details) are eligible to defer fees.

Student consultation is undertaken in considering how SSAF income will be used to enhance student services and amenities. Review how the SSAF is allocated to support delivery of student services.

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