If you have some ideas about the career you’d like to pursue, but are not sure which degree is right for you, our Course Navigator is a good starting point. You begin by choosing the types of work that interest you. The Course Navigator then suggests potential career roles to choose from. Follow the career links to view an outline of the kind of tasks you would be expected to do in such a role, plus a list of the courses that can put you on this career path following graduation.

If you have already identified the Flinders University courses that interest you, but are unsure if they will set you on the right track to your chosen career, check out our page What can I do with my degree in…?

If you have questions about the course you are currently studying and subsequent career paths, you can ask your course contact for advice on the right topics to choose, or get in touch with the Careers and Employment Liaison Centre for a one-on-one appointment with a career consultant, either in person or over the phone.