You can check your graduation status by logging into the Student System. Your account will remain active for 12 months after your degree has been officially completed.
Select 'My Graduation' from the menu on the Student System and select the award you wish to view. This will give you information on:
•    your degree/award name and level (i.e. Pass, Honours, or 'Expected to Graduate' if you have not yet completed your requirements.),
•    conferral or ceremony name,
•    conferral or ceremony date and time,
•    whether you will be attending a ceremony, receiving your testamur by post or by collection at Flinders Connect, and
•    The phonetic (pronunciation) spelling of your name (you can update this in the Student System yourself).

Details will only be visible once your degree/award has received an approval date (completion), if you are allocated to a Graduation ceremony or if you have not yet selected your attendance option.
Please note: 'Expected to Graduate' indicates that you have been allocated to a ceremony however, your eligibility to attend has yet to be determined. Your graduation cannot be confirmed until your status changes to 'Pass' or 'Honours'.

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