Assessment is important because it provides the opportunity for both you and the academic staff to gauge your progress in achieving the required learning objectives for a topic.

Assessment methods may include, but are not limited to: essays, project reports, laboratory reports, practical work, field trip reports, performances, teaching practice, work integrated learning, clinical placements and exams.

As a Flinders University student you have the right to:

  • provide feedback on the assessment methods used
  • negotiate changes if you feel assessment is discriminatory
  • be fairly assessed
  • question the assessment of your work, if dissatisfied.

It is compulsory that teaching staff provide you with a Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) at the start of each topic you study. A SAM is a contract between yourself and your teacher(s), and outlines topic learning outcomes, expected student workload, assessment procedures, attendance requirements, reading requirements, laboratory involvement and other student requirements. If you have not received this description by the end of the first week of classes, or have any other concerns about your rights as a student with regard to assessment, please alert your Topic Coordinator, whose contact details can be found by searching your topic.

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