If you are having doubts about whether to continue with your chosen course of study we recommend discussing this first with your Course Coordinator or contact. You can find their details by selecting your course on the drop-down menu on the Course advice details web page. Course Coordinators can provide advice and help you to make simple changes to your study plan that will make a big difference to your course experience.

If you decide you want to change courses, in most instances it is very simple to transfer and you may even be eligible for credit for studies already completed. For further information on changing to another course visit the Internal transfer web page.

If you are considering leaving university altogether, whether it is because you are struggling academically or dealing with other issues, it is also important to speak to staff at the Transition Office as soon as you start to have doubts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help—our friendly Transition staff assist students at all stages of their journey through university.

If you are experiencing issues that you don’t feel you can discuss with university staff, student advice and advocacy is also available from the Flinders University Student Association’s (FUSA’s) Student Assist team.
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