Students must confirm their personal details prior to enrolling.

If you find that your citizenship details have changed you will need bring the following relevant documents to Flinders Connect, located in the Student Hub; Level 0 of the Central Library building at the Bedford Park campus.  If your citizenship has changed from:

  • Permanent Resident to Australian citizen - please provide a Citizenship Certificate
  • New Zealander to Australian citizen - please provide a Citizenship Certificate
  • International student to Permanent Resident - please provide your Permanent Resident visa (Flinders Connect needs to sight Year of Entry and the date Permanent Residency was granted). All documents must be original or certified copies of the original.

* For Australian citizens - if you find the information recorded on the Student System to be incorrect, then please present an original (or physical certified copy) of your passport or birth certificate to Flinders Connect so your details can be amended.

If you are unable to come in to the campus please forward the certified copy of your supporting documents, and an explanation of what information you are requesting to have changed,  to:

Flinders Connect
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100,
Adelaide SA 5001

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