Completion time required and allowed for each course is outlined in the relevant course rule. The length of time taken to complete will change if you study on a part-time basis or if you take an approved leave of absence from study. The following durations are a guideline on common length of time taken to complete Flinders University courses.
  • Undergraduate courses normally take three to four years to complete on a full-time basis or six to eight years on a part-time basis.
  • Honours is a specialisation course added to the end of your bachelors degree and equivalent to one year of full-time study.
  • Graduate course length varies, ranging between one and four years of full-time equivalent study.
  • Postgraduate courses range from six months to two years in duration of full-time equivalent study.
  • A Masters by Research candidature normally requires a commitment of two years full-time or four years part-time.
  • A PhD candidature normally requires four years full-time or eight years part-time for completion. International candidates must enrol full-time.
  • A Professional Doctorate will generally take three years full-time or six years part-time. Some Professional Doctorates may allow a longer maximum completion timeframe—check the course rule for confirmation.
Some courses have fixed time limits set for completion. If you are considering taking a break from study or have extenuating circumstances that may impact your ability to complete your course in the usual timeframe we recommend you seek advice from your Course Coordinator or contact—refer to the Course advice details web page for more information.
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