Select staff at Flinders Connect are authorised to certify documents on behalf of DFAT.  Bring your original physical documents and photo ID to Level 0 Central Library (Bedford Park).
If you are unable to bring your documentation in to Flinders Connect in person, you will need to post your original documentation for certification and a cover note with your request in a (postage) cylinder to:
 Flinders Connect
 Flinders University
 GPO Box 2100
 Adelaide 5001
In your cover note, please include the following information:

  • Student ID Number
  • Full official name
  • Return Address (no PO Box) as delivery will be by courier
  • Phone number to arrange payment of the return postage charge
  • Email address

Upon receipt of the original documentation Flinders Connect will contact you to arrange payment for the return postage charges:

  • Domestic  - $15
  • International  - $35

If you need to request replacement of your official documents, please see the relevant page for more information: