If you get the following error message:

"Sorry, but your search has found no topics that: (1) match the unit value of this option / elective and (2) are currently available for enrolment. Check 'Timetable Information' from the menu to determine when these topics may become available. Alternatively, submit a help request via the 'Help' icon."

it could mean that the option/elective topic you are searching for is:

  • not yet available for enrolment - you may be trying to enrol in a topic before the enrolment start date. Check the Enrolment and Class Registration Schedule page for the date when enrolment in this topic opens and try again from that day; or
  • not available for enrolment this year - some topics are only available in alternate years, check the timetable to see if it is offered this year; or
  • not the correct unit value and available for enrolment - some topics are available with different unit values (eg BIOL7001A, BIOL7001B, BIOL7001C etc), have you selected the correct availability? All combinations may not be available, check the timetable; or
  • not the correct unit value - for example, you have 4.5 units remaining on your study plan but you are trying to select a 6 unit topic.

If you believe you should be able to select the option/elective topic, submit a request for assistance.