If you are sitting a supplementary exam (or are waiting on exam results) it is recommended you enrol in topics and register in classes for the following semester, as if you have passed the requirements of that topic.However, if you subsequently fail the prerequisite topic, you need to amend your enrolment by withdrawing from the topic or obtain approval for a prerequisite waiver to avoid cancellation. 

To apply for a prerequisite waiver, you need to submit a request via Ask Flinders, noting the topic your would like to receive a waiver for and the reason you are requesting the waiver. Waivers are considered only in exceptional circumstances by the relevant approver (such as a Topic Coordinator or College). You can monitor the progress of your request using the 'My Support' tab in Ask Flinders. You will not be able to study a topic unless you have met the prerequisites or been granted a prerequisite waiver.