There’s several alternative ways to gain entry to most of our undergraduate courses besides meeting the minimum required ATAR.

uniTEST is an aptitude test designed to assess the generic reasoning and thinking skills you need to be successful in university level studies. As a year 12 student you can use uniTEST results in combination with your ATAR to increase the opportunity to gain entry to any of our courses (with the exception of the Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine).

We also understand that your year 12 results may not provide all the information needed to demonstrate that you’ll be successful at university. If you are currently studying year 12, or just finished, your school can provide alternative information about your potential for academic success through the Principal’s Recommendation Program.

It is also worth considering additional Flinders University preferences with lower cut-offs on your SATAC application, as many courses will allow you to transfer through Flinderslink. And if you accept an offer at another university, and perform well, you can use your grade point average (GPA) to transfer to Flinders University. You may even be eligible for credit!

Some school leavers choose to do vocational studies at TAFE and other registered training organisations. Flinders University has partnered with TAFE SA to provide guaranteed entry to select courses for TAFE students. You may even decide to finish the TAFE studies you’ve undertaken as part of your SACE and then use these qualifications to gain entry to Flinders University.

> Learn more about entry to Flinders through TAFE

Another alternative is to apply through SATAC to sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), held in June.

If you finished year 12 a while ago, and have relevant personal or work experience, we will also take this into consideration when assessing your university application for selected courses.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants can also gain admission to Flinders University through the Indigenous Admissions Scheme.

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