If you are enrolled in a topic, but cannot get into one of the classes, don't panic!  All students enrolled in a topic are guaranteed a place in a class. You should still attend the scheduled lectures for the first week. 

Note that you can still study the topic even if the lectures appear to be full. Alternative arrangements will be made (eg a change of room) to ensure there is room for everyone.

What can you do?

First: Check to see if all places have been released yet.  Places in nearly all first year topics are released progressively. Check the class details to see the next release date and how many places will be available. You may have more opportunities to register for your preferred class. 

Check to see if other classes suit your timetable.  Register in an alternative class, even if it is not your first choice.  Return to the class registration site from time-to-time to see if places have become available in your preferred class. You can then swap your class registration. 

Waitlist against the class.  When all places have been released and there are no places remaining in a class, waitlisting becomes available.  By waitlisting you register your interest for a place in that class.  If a place becomes available, the next person on the waitlist is registered into the class and advised automatically via University email that this has occurred.  Be aware that waitlisting does NOT mean you are guaranteed a place in the class. Do not stay on a waitlist expecting a place to become available, it may not.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have successfully registered in all classes (even if they are not your first choice) before your classes commence.

Remember - You are able to change your class registration up until the last day to add topics or register in classes. Check the Critical enrolment dates page for details.

 I've tried all these suggestions and there are still no classes to register into...

Class sizes are checked regularly by College staff before classes start to ensure enough places are available. Email the topic contact if you still cannot find a class place before classes start.


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