What is Studiosity?

Studiosity is an online study support service available 24/7 throughout the year - even during semester breaks! You are encouraged to make use of Studiosity's Writing Feedback and Connect Live services to ask questions and improve your work. This service is free for all Flinders' students.

Writing feedback
Upload a draft assignment to Studiosity (up to 8,000 words), and a learning advisor will provide you with feedback in less than 24 hours. This includes comments, suggestions, and encouragement about how you can improve your work.

Connect Live
Talk to a learning advisor in real-time using audio or text for help with a range of academic skills including English, Maths, Science (biology, chemistry, physics) and general study skills (e.g., independent and critical thinking, planning and time management). Each Connect Live session is approximately 20 minutes (or less, depending on how many questions you have).

For more information about Studiosity and how to access this free service, visit:

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