In order to provide all students with fair access to classes, some topics will release places progressively over the period of enrolment. This ensures students who are provided access at an earlier date do not get all of the ‘first choice’ class registrations.

Only a certain number of places may be available in each class at any point in time. The remaining places will be made available at a later date and this will be communicated via the Student System. Please make sure you check whether the class you are trying to register in will have additional places released in the future.

It is advisable to register into your second preference class and either finalise your timetable now, or return on the date advised to try and get your first preference. It is not advisable to remain unregistered as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get your first preference when returning.

If all places have been released and you are not able to attend any of the available classes and special circumstances apply, you can request special consideration. Contact your College to make your application. Please note that special circumstances will not be considered until all places have been released.