You need to have enrolled in topics before you can register in classes.
To register in classes:

1. Log in to the Student System  using your Flinders Student ID  and password.

2. Select the ‘My Timetable’ tab.  All available classes will be displayed on the timetable grid.  You may already be registered in some classes (coloured light grey).  If there is only one class available, registration occurs automatically when you enrol.  In this case you will see a half-full or full hourglass next to the relevant topic.

You can register for classes in all study periods in an academic year, or for one study period at a time. Use the search criteria to select the study period you want to register in classes for.
Resize the timetable grid by clicking and dragging the column borders or using the black triangle icon at the bottom of the grid.
Click the Legend icon on the top left side of the timetable for more information on the symbols on the grid. 

To register for classes:

  • Use your timetable planner to identify the classes you need in each topic.
  • Select the classes you require by ticking the checkbox in the coloured class time on the grid, and click 'Save'.
  • Change your class registration by clicking on the 'Change' icon alongside the topic details, at any time up until the last day to add or withdraw from topics.

Classes with a chain icon are part of a stream of related classes for the topic. If your classes have this icon, you will need to choose a stream which will register you into a series of classes.  Note that you cannot register in individual classes from different streams.

Some topics may not have timetabled classes, eg.  online classes or external study, in which case the commend alongside the half full or empty hourglass will state that a number of classes are not available.  Note: an hourglass may not appear full if there is an optional activity in which you have chosen not to register. 


The Student System will allow you to 'clash' classes (ie register in two classes at the same time for different topics).  It is your responsibility to ensure you can meet the attendance requirements for your topics.

3. Check and Print Your Timetable

Click on  to obtain a printer-friendly copy of your timetable.  You can select a 'Week Starting' period and view/print a timetable for just one week.

Resize your timetable grid in the Print screen, prior to printing, by following the instructions above.


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