When viewing the information in 'My Finances' in the Student System, it may appear that your fees are overdue even when a valid HECS-HELP form has been submitted.  If you know that you have successfully submitted a HECS-HELP form in the Student System, then simply ignore your student contribution fees listed.  Fees will remain listed until after the census date when they are deferred.

If you study combined degrees or have received multiple offers for courses, you need to ensure you lodge a Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) for the course and availability (version) of that course you are studying.  Please check that you have completed the correct CAF for the degree you are studying and for the ‘Admitted’ availability of that degree.
To check which CAFs you have submitted, log in to the Student System and select the ‘My Commonwealth Assistance’ tab.  Select the ‘Admitted’ availability of the course that you are studying and then click on the ‘View forms’ button.  If the required CAF is not listed against your course as ‘approved’, you should submit a new form.  You should also complete a request for SA-HELP to defer your student services and amenities fees.
For information about the different HELP loans, please refer to the relevant web pages:

Note that a CAF must be completed by the census date of a topic to allow fees for that topic to be deferred.  If you need further information or assistance with completing your CAF, please contact Flinders Connect.
Please also note that only Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders are eligible to defer fees.  Permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are not eligible for HELP loans and must pay their fees upfront.

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