You can enrol in additional topics, withdraw from topics or change classes (subject to availability) at any time on or before the last day to add or withdraw topics.  Log in to the Student System and make any changes required.

Check the Critical enrolment dates page for details.

Enrolment may be accepted after the last day to add topics but prior to the census date only if special approval is obtained.

 Tip! You MUST be enrolled by the census date for the topic.


If you wish to withdraw from a topic, you must do this before the census date to avoid incurring student contribution amounts or tuition fees.  If you withdraw from a topic after the census date you will incur student contribution amounts or tuition fees. 

Note: unregistering from a class does not withdraw you from a topic.


The last date to withdraw from topics without incurring student contribution or tuition fees is...

  • Friday of teaching week 5 for Semester 1 topics;
  • Friday of teaching week 5 for Semester 2 topics; or
  • Check your Confirmation of Enrolment for dates for summer and other non-semester topics. 

To withdraw from a topic, log in to the Student System.  Go to the 'My Enrolment' tab and 'Withdraw from topics'. Select the course, then the topic(s) you wish to withdraw from.  Click on the 'Next' button. You must confirm that you want to withdraw from the topics by then clicking on the 'Withdraw' button. Select 'View My Current Enrolment' from the side menu to check that you have successfully withdrawn.

Note: The University must comply with Commonwealth government  legislation in regard to census dates for topics and cannot make special provisions for students who have failed to enrol or withdraw on time.

Census dates for all topics can be found at the Census Dates website.

Other critical enrolment dates can be found on the Important Dates website.



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