Before you can access any online services at Flinders you need to activate your student account (referred to as your Flinders Authentication Name, or ‘FAN’) and set a secure password.  To do this you need:

  • Your Flinders Student ID number


  • Your SATAC reference number

You can activate your Flinders FAN by going to the Flinders FAN activation page and confirming your Student ID or SATAC reference number and date of birth.
You need to activate your account in Okta and this involves the following steps:

  1. Setting a secure password

The password policy is that your password requires a minimum of 9 characters length, at least one letter and one number, at least 1 upper case letter and no parts of your FAN.

  1. (optional) linking a personal email address or mobile number
  2. Setting a security question and answer (Knowledge Based Authentication)
  3. Selecting a security image
  4. Registering a device for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Under 18?  The Australian Government requires parental or guardian consent before you can access non-Flinders websites from within the University.  The Consent Form can be found here.  Complete the form and lodge with the Student Helpdesk in the Central Library.

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