Students need to have all personal details recorded in the Student System up-to-date as you may be assessed on these details. This includes:

  • Citizenship and residency details

  • Semester address (must be up-to-date especially if you are living away from home during the semester)

  • Preferred mailing address

  • Home Address (This is your permanent home address and must be up-to-date if you are a rural student applying for a scholarship which has a rural/regional residency requirement. Your rural status will be assessed on the basis of the address you have recorded.)

  • Aboriginal/Torres St Islander status (if applicable)

  • Phone number 

Incorrect or incomplete information may result in your scholarship application being assessed incorrectly. Once final assessment has been completed on a scholarship application, no further changes are possible. You are responsible for ensuring this information is accurate and up-to-date.

You should also search for scholarships in the scholarships database, and read the eligibility criteria for each award to see if you are eligible before applying.