Current domestic undergraduate students who wish to transfer to another Flinders course can do so by submitting an application through the Student System. Most courses are available for internal transfer, however, some courses require all applications to be submitted to SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admission Centre) for consideration.

A list of courses available and instructions on how to apply for internal transfer are available here.

If you have attempted the equivalent of one semester but no more than two years of equivalent full-time study at higher-education level you will be considered on the basis of either your grade point average (GPA) in those studies or any other qualification which meets the university's entry requirements, such as your Year 12 or STAT (Special Tertiary Admission Test) score. Once you have attempted more than two years' of full-time equivalent higher education level study, you will only be considered on the basis of your Flinders GPA. In some instances students who have achieved a specific minimum GPA will be guaranteed entry under the Flinderslink program.

Please note:  Current international students who wish to transfer to another Flinders course can contact the International Centre either in person or by email on for more information and an application form.


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