If your name has changed, or is incorrectly recorded, you will need to provide one of the following official documents to Flinders Connect or City Campus Services to have your details updated:

  • Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Official Name Change Certificate
  • Australian driver licence
  • Official Marriage Certificate

Please note: In order to protect your privacy and to prevent fraud, the University may request that you supplement the above with other evidence, such as your Student ID card, Medicare card, private health care card, credit/debit card, Centrelink card, or other evidence of name usage within the community.
If applying in person, documentation must be provided as original or physical certified copies.  If you are unable to come in to the campus please forward the certified copy of your supporting documents to:

Flinders Connect
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100,
Adelaide SA 5001

If you wish to be known by a preferred name for the purpose of Flinders Learning Online (FLO) forums and your Flinders email, please see Can I be known by my preferred name at Flinders?
If you have any further queries please contact Flinders Connect for further advice.

False representation
If you knowingly provide false information, you may be guilty of an offence under Section 51 of the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Act 1996.


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