Students are eligible to apply for a Deferred Assessment if unforeseen or exceptional circumstances prevent them from either sitting or remaining for the duration of the original examination concerned.
Unforeseen or exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • illness of the student or a close relative;
  • unanticipated personal circumstances of a compelling nature;
  • unanticipated and significant work-related circumstances of a compelling nature; and
  • sporting commitments for recognised Elite Athletes.
Supplementary Assessments are awarded on academic grounds if you fail a topic and receive a mark between 45-49%. You do not need to apply for a Supplementary Examination as you will automatically be awarded this if you meet all the criteria. This will be indicated by a Supplementary indicator on your results. Eg F/A (*/A indicates a Supplementary Assessment has been awarded on academic grounds).
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