Our Inspire Mentor Program is specifically designed for young people and children who have previously disengaged, or are at risk of disengaging from, their education.

Current Flinders students mentor participants either face-to-face and via the e-mentoring platform, created in partnership with the Department of Education and Child Development. This has enabled the program to support young people in regional and rural areas of South Australia.

The program has delivered a range of benefits for mentees, including:

  • improvements in school engagement
  • increases in communication skills and improvements in relationships
  • reduced feelings of isolation
  • reduced risky behaviour
  • enhanced social and emotional development
  • increased resilience.

For more information on the program and how your student can become involved, visit the Inspire Mentoring Program web page.

Once here, students to be at risk of withdrawing from studies are contacted by our Transition Office for specific support and have the opportunity to be involved in our Student Success mentoring program.

Principal’s Recommendation Program

We understand that SACE results may not provide all the information needed to demonstrate that a student can be successful at university. If you know a year 12 student who may find it difficult to gain entry to Flinders through traditional pathways (ATAR), you can nominate them for entry through the Principal’s Recommendation Program

Bonus points

Methods for awarding of bonus points to undergraduate applicants change slightly in 2016. The two new schemes, which are the same across the three South Australian universities, are explained following.

SA Universities Equity Scheme

Year 12 students are eligible to receive up to five (5) bonus points towards their ATAR if they:

  • study at a SA Universities Equity Scheme eligible high school
  • receive Commonwealth assistance such as School Card or Health Care Card
  • receive, or their parents receive, a Centrelink means-tested income support payment.

SA Language, Literacy and Maths Bonus Point Scheme

Students are eligible to receive two bonus points each (up to a maximum of four (4) bonus points) towards their ATAR if they successfully complete* any of the following subjects in year 12:

  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • English Studies or English Communications
  • 20 credits of a LOTE (languages other than English subject) in the Languages Learning Area (except the Language and Culture subject) or two 10-credit Australian Indigenous language subjects.

*Successfully completed means achieving overall grade of C- or higher in a subject included in the scheme.


uniTEST is an aptitude test designed to assess the generic reasoning and thinking skills needed to be successful in university level studies. Year 12 applicants can use uniTEST results in combination with their ATAR to increase the opportunity to gain entry to Flinders undergraduate courses. For information on how it works, visit the uniTEST website.

Indigenous Admissions Scheme

The Indigenous Admissions Scheme was developed to improve access to higher education for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who don’t have the opportunity to gain entry to university via traditional pathways.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander year 12 students who are concerned they won’t receive the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) needed for entry to a Flinders University undergraduate course can apply through the scheme.

Other pathways

Our free, one-year Foundation Studies Program provides students with the skills required of university study and guaranteed entry into select Flinders courses.

Students who don’t meet the prerequisites for their preferred Flinders course or don’t think they’ll get a high enough ATAR for direct entry, can include a FlindersLink pathway course in their SATAC preferences. If they achieve a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) in the pathway course, Flinders will guarantee them a place in their preferred degree (selected degrees only).